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Cookies policy
  1. Introduction

Our website https://lifespot.pl (hereinafter: “website”) uses cookies and other related technologies (for convenience, all technologies are referred to as “cookies”). Cookies are also placed by external sites. In this document we inform you of the use of cookies on our website.

  1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small simple file sent by websites during browsing and stored by the browser on the hard disc of a computer or another device. Information stored therein may be returned to our servers or to servers of relevant third parties during the next visit.

  1. What are scripts?

A script is a program code fragment which is used for the purpose of proper and interactive operation of our website. The code is executed on our server or on your device.

  1. What is a pixel tag?

A web beacon (or a pixel tag) is a tiny invisible text or image fragment on the website that surveys web activity. To this end, various data concerning you are stored using web beacons.

  1. Cookies

On the website we use necessary cookies, the so-called technical cookies and additional cookies: functional, statistics and marketing cookies.

5.1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are files which enable operation of the website and its proper use. They make it possible to undertake activities you requested, e.g. change privacy settings, log in or fill out a form. Without such cookies it is not possible to browse the website, and it is not possible to turn them off. We can install such cookies without your consent.

5.2. Functional cookies

Some cookies ensure additional functionalities of the website. By placing functional cookies we will make it easier to visit our website. This way you do not have to repeatedly enter the same information when visiting our website, and the filters you used or the choice of location you made will not change. The installation of such cookies requires your consent.

5.3 Statistics cookies

Some cookies provide us with statistical data on how users use the website, and in particular measure the website traffic and examine the source of traffic on the website. Statistical data also allow us to optimize the website and improve the comfort of using the website. The installation of such cookies requires your consent.

5.4 Marketing cookies

On this website we use marketing cookies which allow us to learn user’s preferences and give us an insight into the results of marketing campaigns. This is based on profiles which we create on the basis of your behavior on the website. You, as a website visitor, are associated with such cookies by a unique ID. Such cookies will take into account your behavior on our website and analyze your interests in order to display personalized ads of our services on third party sites. Some marketing cookies may analyze your behavior outside the website in order to analyze general statistical and demographic data. The installation of such cookies requires your consent.

5.5. Social media buttons

On our site we also placed buttons from external social networks, e.g., Facebook, in order to promote websites (e.g., “Like”) or redirect to our dedicated sites in social networks. Such buttons operate using fragments of a code from social networks which installs cookies. Such social media buttons can also store and process certain information, allowing us to display personalized ads.

Please read the privacy policies of such social networks (which may change on a regular basis) in order to learn what they do with your personal data processed using such cookies.

  1. Consent

When you visit our website for the first time, we will show you a pop-up window with information concerning cookies. By clicking “Accept” you agree to the installation of all of the above-indicated categories of cookies and plug-ins in accordance with this cookies policy. You can also restrict the use of cookies by selecting particular cookies which will be used on your end user’s device (excluding technical cookies) and clicking “Accept selected”. The use of cookies can also be turned off or restricted via the browser. Please remember that our website may then no longer be able to function properly.

  1. Turning cookies on and off and deleting cookies

Some cookies may be turned off. You can also use a web browser to automatically or manually delete cookies. You can decide which cookies cannot be installed on your device by choosing appropriate options in the panel which will appear on the website upon commencement of the use thereof in accordance with the description indicated in point 6 above. However, it does not apply to technical cookies which must be installed for the purpose of proper functioning of the website. Another option is to change the web browser settings in order to receive a notice every time a cookie is installed. For more information on such options, please read the instructions in the browser help section.

Please remember that our website may not function properly if all cookies are disabled. If you delete cookies in your browser, they will be reinstalled after you give your consent when visiting our website again.

  1. Your rights with respect to personal data recorded in cookies

Some cookies contain a unique ID associated with you. In such case the use of cookies will constitute processing of your personal data. The policy on personal data processing by LifeSpot and your rights are described in the privacy policy available at: here.

In order to exercise such rights please contact us at the address indicated below. If you have a complaint concerning the manner in which your data are treated, we wish to hear it from you first, but you always have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, which in Poland is the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

  1. Contact details

Should you have any questions or comments to our cookies policy, please contact us using the following contact details:

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Litewska 1, 00-581, Warszawa
Website: https://lifespot.pl
E-mail: rodo@lifespot.pl