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Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Still have doubts? Please contact us.

You can complete most of formalities with us online, without showing up at the LifeSpot office.

We do not charge any commission.


Yes. The apartments are furnished. However, additional equipment such as bedding, duvet and pillows are the responsibility of the Tenant.

Each type of apartment has a dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and a cooktop (induction or ceramic, depending on the type of apartment).


We offer outdoor parking spaces in Gdynia, and each of our other locations has both a parking lot and an underground garage.

We also have an offer for clients outside LifeSpot.

Yes. We offer storage units in each location. Their price depends on the size of the room. The willingness must be expressed when concluding or during the duration of the contract.

We also have an offer for clients outside LifeSpot.


We accept friendly and safe animals, and we ask owners to clean up after their pets and follow the building regulations.

Yes. Many of our tenants move in with pets. Please make sure your pets are vaccinated on time. More information about rabies vaccinations can be found here:


Yes. We are all obliged to take care of the environment, so we ask all Tenants to segregate waste and follow the markings on garbage containers. Thank you!

Contract and payments

In order to reserve an apartment, you must undergo Tenant verification, sign a reservation agreement (online) and pay the agreed deposit.


We sign the contract preferentially for 12 months. If you would like to live at LifeSpot longer, after this date we will be happy to sign another contract with you for a year.

We negotiate shorter-term contracts individually.

The rental price includes Internet and fees for common parts of the building.

Simpl.rent is an intermediary that conducts verification on behalf of the landlord, but protects the Tenant’s private data. The analysis concerns identity verification and determining whether the Tenant’s income and credit history will allow him to pay the rent for the selected apartment.


Verification via the Simpl.rent application allows you to assess whether the apartment you have chosen is adequate to your budget. It is also needed to verify your identity. It is an essential step in the process of renting an apartment.


The information provided during verification is confidential. LifeSpot does not have access to them. Employees only receive information about the results of individual verification steps.


Yes, a deposit is required. Its amount depends on the Simpl.rent verification result. The minimum deposit is one month’s rent with estimated utilities costs.

You only need to pay the agreed deposit based on the reservation agreement and provide current third party liability insurance.

Yes. You make rental payments based on a personal invoice issued every month for the amounts specified in the contract (rent of an apartment, possibly a garage or a storage room) and utility bills.


The first invoice must be paid within 7 days from the date of move-in, and each subsequent invoice by the 10th day of the month.

We collect housing and utility fees on a monthly basis. The amount to be paid is the sum of the amount resulting from the contract plus settlement of utility consumption (electricity, water, central heating, garbage).


No. We calculate media consumption according to cold and hot water, electricity and heat meters.


Yes. Each Tenant can check utility consumption on individual meters assigned to a given apartment.

Monthly utility consumption is available to each Tenant on his or her account in the Client Portal.